Sanguine Wine Club Terms & Condition

Terms and Conditions - This is a work in progress



By subscribing to the Sanguine Estate Wine Club you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (Wine Club Terms & Conditions) which are to be read in conjunction with Sanguine Estate Winery Website Terms and Conditions. If there are any inconsistencies between these terms, the Wine Club Terms & Conditions will prevail.



Sanguine Estate Winery will send you regular deliveries of wines in line with the member wine commitment you have subscribed to.  

Sanguine Estate Winery will contact you to advise of your upcoming delivery via email where you can log into your Member account and make changes to the wine selections, change your delivery address, delay delivery, skip delivery, suspend or cancel our subscription.

If you do not make any changes to your delivery, you will automatically be charged for each order based on the billing cycle of your chosen subscription. Your subscription will automatically continue unless altered or cancelled in accordance with clause 4 below.

You can find the details of your subscription at any time in your Member account. If you have any trouble or need further information please

 Sanguine Estate Winery reserves the right to limit sales to retail quantities. You are not permitted to resell products or use products for trade purposes.


Excluded Wines

Sanguine Estate Kindred Shiraz including dozen deals and 4 dozen deals are specifically excluded from the Wine Club Subscription


Delivery Notification

We will notify you of your subscription order details and billing date prior to each delivery via a service email. You will be notified of your billing date at least 10 days prior to your nominated credit card being charged. 

 It is your responsibility to ensure that the correct contact details (delivery address and email address) are up-to-date. You can update your contact details through your Member account or by by phone on 03 5433 3111.

Subsidised Delivery

Subsidised delivery is available for the following postcodes.

Victoria  3523, 3550, 3551, 3555-3558, 3570, 3000-3062, 3063, 3064-3098, 3099-3100, 3101-3138, 3139, 3140-3210, 3221-3334, 3335-3341, 3342-3349, 3357-3426, 3427-3443, 3444-3688, 3691-3749, 3750-3799, 3800-3801, 3802-3811, 3812-3909, 3910-3920, 3921-3925, 3926-3944, 3945-3974, 3975-3978, 3979, 3980-3983, 3984-3999, 2648, 2715, 2717-2719, 2731-2739, 8000-8999, 9999

Sydney and Sydney Metro 1000-1935, 2000-2079, 2085-2107, 2109-2156, 2158, 2160-2172, 2174-2229, 2232-2249, 2557-2559, 2564-2567, 2740-2744, 2747-2751, 2759-2764, 2766-2774, 2776-2777, 2890-2897, 2080-2084, 2108, 2157, 2159, 2173, 2230-2231, 2508-2514, 2555-2556, 2560-2563, 2568-2574, 2745-2746, 2752-2758, 2765, 2775, 2778-2786

Adelaide and Adelaide Metro 5000-5113, 5115-5117, 5125-5130, 5158-5169, 5800-5999, 5114, 5118-5124, 5131-5157, 5170-5200

Brisbane and Brisbane Metro 4000-4018, 4029-4068, 4072-4123, 4127-4129, 4131-4132, 4151-4164, 4169-4182, 4205-4206, 9000-9725, 4019-4028, 4069-4071, 4124-4126, 4130, 4133-4150, 4165-4168, 4183-4204, 4207-4209, 4270-4299, 4500-4549

Sanguine Estate Winery reserves the right to modify subsidised delivery offer with at least 10 days’ notice to you.

Excluded Delivery

We are unable to deliver at this present time to the following postcodes:

NT Near NT1 800-802, 804-821, 828-851, 853-853, 860-861, 870-871, 873-879, 906-999

NT Remote NT2 803-803, 822-827, 852-852, 854-859, 862-869, 872-872, 880-905

Postcodes not listed above

All subscriptions are sent using either Australia Post’s or Aramax at their standard delivery rates at the time.

Delivery Timings

Please allow at least 5 to 10 business days for delivery. All subscriptions are sent using either Australia Post’s or Aramax standard delivery.


Automatic Billing

Subscriptions are an ongoing service and will be automatically billed in line with the billing cycle of your chosen subscription.

 The cost of your subscription will be charged to the active card listed on your Member account. Sanguine Estate Winery takes the protection of your data seriously, to find out more please refer to ourPrivacy Policy.

Your subscription benefit discount percentage is applied to the recommended retail price of selected wines and excludes all Kindred Shiraz offers.

No further discount or offer can be applied to the cost of your subscription unless otherwise stated eg. Progeny Shiraz Pre-Release offer.


Altering or Cancelling

You may update your details through the Member account. However, to skip or cancel your subscription please call (03) 5433 3111. 

Subject to “Cancellations by us” below, you are permitted to make changes at any time or cancel your subscription prior to your next subscription being billed.

 Skipping your subscription

You are permitted to skip your subscription delivery up to 3 days prior to your delivery subscription being billed and only once over your membership year. If you do not skip your subscription prior to this cut off, your subscription will be dispatched as per your delivery notification and your credit card will be charged. Your subscription box will follow the delivery instructions listed on your Member account.

 Cancelling your subscription 

If you wish to cancel your subscription after the first anniversary of your membership, you can do so at any time prior to your next billing date by calling us on (03) 5433 3111 or emailing us If you don’t cancel your subscription prior to your next billing date your subscription will be dispatched as per your delivery notification and your credit card will be charged.

 Cancellations by us 

As membership to the Sanguine Estate wine club is in high demand, if an order has not been processed for more than 12 months, Sanguine Estate Winery may, within its reasonable discretion, cancel your membership. Sanguine Estate Winery will contact you via phone or email at least 14 days before cancelling your membership to ensure you are provided sufficient notice and opportunity to rectify.  


Alternate Product

All products (including vintages of products) in subscription boxes are subject to availability. In some cases, products that were planned to be included in subscription boxes may become unavailable. If a product becomes unavailable, an alternative product of equal or greater value will be substituted at no additional cost.

Where a product has been substituted, tasting notes for the substituted product may not be available.


Payment Failure

If your subscription payment fails on the billing date for any reason (including but not limited to credit card expiry or invalid card details), we will not dispatch your subscription and will notify you via email. Attempts to retry payment will be made over the following week. 

 Our Wine Club Team may also attempt to contact you to assist you with updating your details and processing your payment. For assistance in updating your details, please contact us on (03) 5433 3111 or email us at

To update your payment details online, login to your Member account and go to the “Credit Cards” section for each subscription.  

 Delivery after you have updated your payment method;

Your payment will be deducted once you have correctly updated your payment details and your subscription order will be sent, provided you have made the correction prior to the subsequent billing date;

  • If you have not updated your payment details prior to the subsequent billing date, payment will not be deducted for the missed order. Your subscription will then continue as usual.   



We value your trust and take the protection of your personal information very seriously. Nova Edition Pty Ltd (ABN87 007 007 801), trading as Sanguine Estate, collects your personal information when you place an order with Sanguine Estate Winery. To find out more information on the way in which we collect, hold, secure, use and share your personal information, please refer to ourPrivacy Policy.


Changes to Terms & Conditions

Sanguine Estate Winery reserves the right to modify or cancel subscriptions at any time with at least 7 days’ notice to you. This includes, but is not limited to, changing the prices of subscription boxes.


Last Updated: 14 June 2024